Memorial Day Observance

Posted by Julie / on 05/25/2009 / 0 Comments


I almost forgot it was Memorial Day.  I was busy with a list of things to do and pleased with my progress.  I took a break to stand under the patio roof and watch all the birds playing in the gentle rains.  The fish were pleased to receive fresh rain water in the pond.  They were racing up the stream as if there was a prize at the finish line.  Everything was so alive and beautiful in the garden.

My sister called to report how especially stunning the rows of American flags were lined up in majestic order.  Goosebumps tickled my spine as she described servicemen standing attention at a newly covered grave for a local soldier killed in active duty.  My curiousity was peaked.

It was striking.  Life and death all mixed up in a yin/yang sort of portrait. 

Tonight my heart goes out to all mothers who have lost a child:  friends memorialized on Facebook... friends silently sitting at a grave side... friends decorating with meaningful symbols... and to the whippet left quietly for a smiling heart! 


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